Top 3 Channel Diamond Rings to Buy in 2023

Top 3 Channel Diamond Rings to Buy in 2023


Subtitle: Awaken your inner diva with a channel-set diamond ring

What is a Channel-set Engagement Ring?


A Channel-set Engagement Ring features a ring setting where stones on the ring shank are set within a track. These stones are continuously set between two walls and are not separated by bezels or beads.

Channel Diamond Rings

Exploring Channel Setting through the pages of the past: 


In the 1980s-1990s, Channel-set Rings took over the mainstream jewelry market due to their neat look, modern appeal, and extra sparkle. Another distinguishing factor is the protective setting that keeps the stones intact between the metal walls.


Today, the channel setting is a popular choice for wedding bands, as people seek a setting that keeps their stones safe and secure to symbolize their love and commitment toward each other.


Pros of picking a Channel-set Engagement Ring

While Channel-set Rings appear nothing less than dreamy, there are certain pros and cons to the setting. 

  1. Cost Effective: Looking for a perfect ring within a budget? Well, Channel-set Rings have got you covered. With fewer imperfections and more minute stones, it is a decent choice to go ahead with. Moreover, its stones don't require individual chiseling or setting, thereby reducing the cost altogether.

  2. More Secure Stones: With settings like pavé, it is common to lose a few stones or have a loose setting from time to time. However, channel-set rings are a sure way to protect diamonds from getting damaged or knocked out of place. The metal walls on the shank envelope the fragile girdle of a diamond. This makes the design much more protective compared to pavé or bead set bands.

  3. Doesn't Snag: Imagine snagging your expensive cashmere sweater on a prong or sharp edge! Sounds disheartening, doesn’t it? Channel-set Rings save you from these possibilities. It doesn't snag clothes due to its protective, flush setting. 


Some cons that you must know: 


Every setting comes with cons, and the channel setting is no different. Let's narrow down the cons of Channel-set Rings: 


  1. Dirt-gatherer: One factor to note is its susceptibility to gathering dirt. Its setting doesn't allow the dirt to be cleaned immediately. Once dirt gets in between the stones, it's almost impossible to retain the same sparkle and shine as was there originally, without having the ring professionally cleaned.
  2. Less Sparkle: The price of secure and protected stones is sparkle and shine. With less light shining through the stone compared to a pavé setting, the stones won’t glisten to their fullest. 


What to Know About a Channel-set Engagement Ring: 

Channel-set Engagement Ring

Buying a ring for your special day, such as a wedding or engagement, is quite a decision. You need to consider many factors. Not just because you spend a significant amount but also because the ring is the epitome of your love and commitment. You want it to be evergreen! 


So, here we enlist some factors to make sure you have your hands on the best Channel-set Engagement Ring:


  • Stones, Cuts, and Materials: Round or Princess cut diamonds bring the best out of Channel-set Engagement Rings. Diamonds look quite appealing in a yellow-gold backdrop. The reason is the color's ability to magnify the look of the stones. Their edges appear quite evidently with such a bold color.


  • Handcrafted over anything: It is advisable to opt for a ring that is handcrafted over one that has been produced in mass. Handcrafted rings have more character and liveliness due to the personal attention and care put into each detail. 


  • Wearability: Another important factor is wearability. The Channel-set Rings, as mentioned above, are known to be one of the most snag-free and protective jewelry options. They don't interrupt your outfits due to their secure design. 


A Sneak-peek into the glitzy world of Daniel William Diamonds: 



Looking for that one perfect ring that makes heads turn? The Channel-set Lucy 14K White Gold ring is an apt choice to satiate your desire for diamonds. The setting makes the channel diamond ring snag-free and easily wearable for every occasion. Not to mention a center stone that elevates the elegance of the design.



This new year, let the Sienna 14K White Gold Engagement Ring make its way to your jewelry collection. Featuring 28 round-cut diamonds, the channel engagement ring shines in 360°. With exceptional color and clarity, the ring fits every occasion ranging from engagement to your everyday look at the office. 



With 20 scintillating diamonds, the Norah 14K white channel gold ring is the perfect ring to fall in love with, this season. Exemplifying the authentic channel setting, the ring is meant for those who love to show off their superior taste in jewelry. Studded with diamonds all the way around the band, the ring envelopes your finger in glitz and shimmer.


Concluding note: 


Love the beautiful Channel-set Engagement Ring collection? Make sure to visit the online store or in-person showroom of Daniel William Diamonds and shop the best of the best.