5 Tips by Daniel William Diamonds to Ace the Stylish Yellow Diamond Ring

5 Tips by Daniel William Diamonds to Ace the Stylish Yellow Diamond Ring

A magnificent range of yellow diamond rings await you at Daniel William Diamonds to explore from!

What is a Yellow Diamond Ring?

Rarest of rare, Yellow Diamond Rings have always captured the center stage in the fine jewelry arena! Yellow Diamonds are marked as fancy diamonds as they fall beyond the D to Z color grade for white diamonds, Z being the most yellow shade of white diamonds . Yes, it is deeper than the deepest Z range. 

It is the dominant presence of nitrogen that makes yellow diamonds appear as they are. Also known as Canary Yellow Diamonds, they can be both natural as well as man-made. Not to mention the popularity Yellow Diamond Rings have in the modern fashion industry and especially wedding markets. 

Yellow Diamond Ring

Lesser-known Fact about Yellow Diamonds: 

What are Zimmi Diamonds? 

While there's been much buzz about the Canary Yellow Diamonds owing to their Canary-like hue; not many know about Zimmi Yellow Diamonds. Coming from a so-called area in Sierra Leone, these diamonds hold an intense yellow tinge. These command an even higher price and value in the market.


Are all Yellow Diamonds known as Canary Diamonds?

In a more general sense, people refer to Yellow Diamonds as Canary Diamonds. But, only Fancy Vivid and Fancy Yellow Diamonds are known as Canary Diamonds. 


What are Cape Diamonds?

Yellow Diamonds are known to fall in a grading system beyond D to Z. But, for colorless diamonds, they occur in lower range of D-Z color grading. These diamonds are known as Cape Diamonds as they have their roots in the Cape province of South Africa. They are quite cheap compared to the yellow diamonds beyond the Z category.


Grading beyond the grade range D to Z: 

As we all know, diamonds are graded from D to Z, with Z being the most yellow. But Yellow Diamonds' grading begins beyond the Z range with no speck of whiteness into it. Therefore, they are known as Fancy Yellow Diamonds and they are graded based on the intensity of the color. Here's a review of the GIA color grading: 

  • Fancy Light: a pale yellow shade
  • Fancy: clear and bright yellow color
  • Fancy Intense: pure and bright yellow 
  • Fancy Vivid: expensive and extremely dominant yellow hue (Canary Diamonds)
  • Fancy Deep: Brownish yellow tinge
  • Fancy Dark: Dark yellow with brown/gray overtones

Into the gleaming world of Yellow Diamond Rings: All About the Settings

Although there are many settings available for Yellow Diamonds, the following three settings are the most popular. Here's why they are the most popular: 

Halo Setting: It is the most-loved choice by many as the halo setting boosts the size of your yellow diamond and makes it look bigger. Especially, with two layers of surrounding stones, it looks brilliant. 

Pavé Setting: How about having side stones guard your queen yellow diamond center stone? Sounds fascinating, right? A Pavé setting allows you to have it exactly like that. The embedded side stones let it enjoy extra shimmer and brilliance. You can either choose the side stones of a similar color as the center stone or go for pure white bliss.

In a surreal combination of halo and pave settings, people often opt for halo pave engagement rings

Side Stone Setting: Someone said it right, that side stones are simply aids to the crown that your center stone is! The side stone setting lets you choose two such stones that highlight the beauty of the center stone. 

These also add a contrast to the center stone and add an edge to its look. It can either be a stylish triangular stone or a square-shaped wonder or even a circular beauty. 

Stylish Yellow Diamond Ring

Pricing Online vs Off-line: 

While we tend to go window shopping always when it comes to jewelry, this time it's different. Daniel William Diamonds allows you to pick up the best online at a significantly lesser price as compared to offline. Not only that, but DWD offers free shipping and returns (T&C apply).

Tips to be the Top Fashionista of Yellow Diamonds: 

  • Choosing a grade lower to minimize your expense: Yes, to make your yellow diamond look intense while spending less, you can simply choose a yellow diamond with a slightly lower grade and team it up with a yellow gold band. The reflection will do the much-needed magic!
  • Stone Cut: If you're wondering what would be the ideal cut for styling up your yellow diamond ring, we've got your back! Cushion cut and emerald cut are undoubtedly the best for sporting yellow diamond rings. These cuts maximize the shimmer quotient and brilliance, adding to the overall look. 
  • Three-stone Engagement Ring: These rings have become a fashion statement indeed after Meghan Markle sported one earlier in 2021. But, what many don't know is that three-stone engagement rings create quite an uproar when adorned with yellow diamonds. 

To have one bright yellow center stone and two side stones in contrasting shades looks magical. More so, having all three stones in yellow hue also looks marvelous. So if you're wondering how to team up your yellow diamond ring with your three-stone ring fantasy for engagement, this is it!

  • The Illusionary Style: Yellow diamond rings give an edge to your ring with their Illusionary superpowers! Sounds intriguing! Well, when you choose to embed the yellow center stone with yellow diamonds, it creates an illusion of a bigger diamond. The yellow side stones make sure that there is no visual obstruction. 
  • Keeping it Raw: The valuable gems and stones that reach us are treated by technicians and dedicated craftsmen. They are cut and enhanced to have the desired brilliance. But how about keeping it raw? The shiny bright yellow diamond in the center leaves enough room for you to experiment with raw diamonds. Raw diamonds are cheaper as well. 

So, if you wish to do something unique with your ring, just go for enveloping the center stone with raw side stones. This not just looks amazing but also enhances the brightness of the center stone.

Wrap up: 

Yellow diamonds have indeed captured the market lately like none other! But who do you turn to when you want styling tips? Much is yet to be uncovered in the mainstream market about these bright and brilliant pieces of shimmer. Daniel William Diamonds is here to help you with all your queries and serve as your one-stop shop for the perfect yellow diamond.