Exploring the Shimmering Collection of Certified Lab-Grown Loose Diamonds

Exploring the Shimmering Collection of Certified Lab-Grown Loose Diamonds


Browse our vast collection of IGI, HRD, GCAL, and GIA-certified diamonds as vanity is short-lived but sustainable, and quality fashion goes on forever! So, how about having a fashion statement with diamonds certified for quality? The solution lies in certified Lab Grown Loose Diamonds by Daniel William Diamonds.


Tracing the journey of Lab-Grown Diamonds:


The credit for the revolutionary Lab-Grown Diamond completely goes to years of dedicated research and keen observation of jewelers and scientists. These diamonds can be much more desirable as they offer a similar shimmer and optical and physical properties as that of diamonds. But the catch is that they are available at much more affordable rates and through ethical sources! 


The first lab-grown diamonds were brought to life by General Electric in the 1950s. The project was famously known as 'Project Superpressure.'


Scientists create these lab-grown diamonds in laboratories through a series of methods involving compression or subjection to high pressure. This lets the diamond crystallize to beautify your jewelry collection like the real one. Labs can replicate the process of natural diamond growth in the lab environment to produce diamonds identical to natural diamonds. 


What is a Loose Diamond?


Loose diamonds are independent diamonds that aren’t yet mounted or set in jewelry. While mainly bought for customization purposes, many people purchase loose diamonds for investment purposes. When you pick out a loose diamond for a specific piece of jewelry, you can select a stone that meets your requirements for clarity, cut, carat, and color that best fits your budget. When you purchase a “ready to buy” jewelry piece, you have less control over the price and quality of the diamonds.


With loose diamonds, you have full disclosure of the quality of materials and prices. With traditional jewelry sales, jewelers know what to conceal or reveal to customers. 


The Intersection that brings out the best for Modern Jewelry: Lab Grown × Loose Diamonds-

loose diamond gia

The Lab Grown Loose Diamonds have been a game changer for the diamond market. If you are searching for that one surreal center stone for your engagement ring, consider checking out Daniel William Diamonds' selection of lab-grown loose diamonds. 


We’ve been discussing how you can select loose diamonds based on specific grading factors, but what are the grading factors, and how do they work? So, here are the 4 C’s that determine the quality of a diamond—cut, color, clarity, and carat. 


  • Cut: One of the 4Cs of diamond quality, the cut comprises one of the most significant aspects of the diamond purchase. It speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of the cutter. Cut ranges from Poor (P), Fair (F), Good (G), Very Good (VG), to Excellent (EX), where excellent diamonds reflect the lightest with maximum brilliance. 


  • Color: The color scale of a diamond ranges from D to Z, where D indicates a diamond with absent colors, while grade Z assures a tinge of yellow in the diamond. The D-F (colorless) graded diamonds are the most costly but are nearly indistinguishable from G-J (near colorless) to most. 


  • Clarity: Diamond clarity is measured based on the level of inclusions or imperfections when examined under 10x magnification. Even the moon has blemishes, doesn’t it? Natural and lab-grown loose diamonds are graded as Flawless (FL), Internally Flawless (IF), Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2), Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2), Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2), or Included (I1, I2, and I3). To the naked eye, only SI and I have visible inclusions. 


  • Carats: Missing out on the details of a carat while buying diamonds is like missing out on a ring at your wedding! Yes, it is that integral. It is the weight of the diamond that carats measure. Lab-grown diamonds allow you the luxury to buy a bigger and more extravagant diamond for your big day than a natural one. You can afford a bigger one at a lower price. 


  • Compare prices: Comparing the prices is a must for Rachel in you! Before you have your hands on loose diamonds, compare the market rates. At Daniel William Diamonds, you can easily compare the price and quality of thousands of diamonds.


  • Diamond certification: As you buy loose diamonds, ensure a professional institution evaluates them. A certified diamond from GIA, IGI, GCAL, and HRD comes with a report that specifies the diamond. This report also provides each diamond with a unique identification number.  So, gia certified diamonds or other institutionally certified diamonds are the best choices.


Perks of Picking Lab-Grown Loose Diamonds: 


  • Green Planet: As we gradually progress towards the conscious goal of a greener planet, many opt for lab-grown diamonds due to the environmentally damaging and unethical mining practices used to source natural stones.


  • Conflict free: Mined diamonds require extra caution to mitigate conflict. On the contrary, lab-grown diamonds come with a guarantee of ethical sourcing. Also, mined diamonds involve way more labor exploitation and abuse in the process of extraction. 


  • No pocket pinching: As you plan on purchasing a diamond, the first thing that comes to mind is the budget. GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds solve this constraint for you significantly. 


With a comparatively lower price and flexibility, custom lab-grown loose diamonds are the way to go! So, now is when you have your hands on the best from the lot while paying only a fraction of the sum you would pay for natural ones.

A step towards Sustainable Jewelry: 


With increasing concerns for climate change and global warming, now is the time to switch to Sustainable Jewelry. Lab Grown Loose Diamonds provide an ethical alternative to natural diamonds. 


Wrap up: Customization at its best at Daniel William Diamonds-


As Lab Grown Loose Diamonds are popularly termed the "People's Diamond," Daniel William Diamonds believes in letting customers have the luxury of customization! We have a scintillating collection of loose diamonds certified by GIA. 


Loose diamonds are irresistible, ranging in shape from Round, Princess, Cushion, Pear, and Emerald to Heart. As you design your ring, our dedicated artisans can assist you every step of the way. 


Our unique Diamond Concierge service ensures that you take home the best of loose diamonds! We have vendors worldwide who serve you with the most precious diamonds within your specified budget and design.