Shopping for Engagement Rings Online: How to make it work for you!

Shopping for Engagement Rings Online: How to make it work for you!

This Is How You Can Always Be Sure What Jewelry You Buy Online!

With the constant expansion of the online market, people are trusting online engagement ring jewelry stores more and more. It can become confusing, with so many ring options, industry terms, and sellers to choose from. 

Is it even a good idea?Well, we’re here to tell you what you need to know before you buy an engagement ring online. 

Shopping for Engagement Rings Online: How to make it work for you!

So, let’s dive deeper into the world of blingy, flashy, glamorous jewelry so you can feel confident you made the right choice, even from the comfort of your home!

Why Shop for Engagement Rings Online?

Simply put, shopping for anything online is more convenient than traditional shopping. Especially with purchasing jewelry online, you can compare prices, products, shops, and shop policies by opening several tabs. It’s hard to know what else is out there when you only visit a few stores in person. So in this blog, we will address everything you should look out for and know before making such a necessary purchase. 

Where to Shop for Engagement Rings Online?

Countless luxurious jewelry stores and well-known businesses in LA, such as Daniel William Diamonds, have begun selling jewelry online. You can check out this beautiful infinity twist ring by DWD before your search begins! One way to verify if the jeweler of your choice is providing the promised quality and purity mentioned on their site is to read through the customer reviews. If you’re looking at an online store, try looking through the customer reviews to see if the quality stated online matches the service received. 

infinity twist ring

Customer reviews and testimonials are perhaps the most trustworthy proof of quality. There are many more ways to ensure you get the best quality jewels from your online purchase. So here are the 7 Tips to Ensure You Get the Perfect Engagement Ring Online.

7 Tips to Ensure You Get the Perfect Engagement Ring Online

  1. Start Your Ground Research Early

If you want your big gesture to be a secret, get to know what kind of jewelry your partner prefers. It would be even better to directly discuss ring styles, design, metal choices, and diamond sizes. But we understand you might want to keep it secret until you drop your knee and bring out the little black box.

Either way, there are many creative ways to discover what kind of jewelry they adore. You can consult a mutual friend, observe their jewelry collection closely, and much more. If there is a family heirloom they like but cannot have, you can even consider placing a custom order to replicate it.

  1. Always Get a GIA or IGI Certification

A GIA or IGI certification indicates the purity, origin, and all of the little details of the diamonds you purchase. Always choose a seller who provides these certificates, especially if you shop engagement rings online. 

Not all diamonds come with these certificates, significantly smaller side stones, but having a GIA certificate makes it easier to appraise your diamond and understand its value as an investment. 

  1. Set a Budget

This is perhaps the most crucial step while you shop engagement rings online. Setting a budget before starting your search will help you set a rule for what kind of rings fit your pocket. You do not want to overspend on an engagement ring. 

So make sure to discuss your budget with your partner beforehand. This will also cancel the chances of any serious disagreements.

  1. Choose the Diamond

Again, get a general idea of how flashy or modest they prefer their jewelry to be. Some ladies love that huge, blingy stone on their fingers, while some adore modest and timeless pieces. Choosing the diamond shape, cut, size, and setting should always be the #2 or #3 on your list of preparations.

There are countless diamond shapes available in the market today. If your beloved loves some colors in their jewelry, you can choose their birthstone as the center stone. There are no rules here, but just make sure your purchase meets their expectations.

  1. Choose the Metal

Choosing the metal beforehand will open up space in your budget for a bigger center stone. For instance, if you choose 14k or 18K Gold instead of Platinum, you can add the saved bucks to your diamond budget. For example, you can choose whether you love this tulip basket engagement ring or a prong set ring more.

tulip basket engagement ring

Also, choosing the metal beforehand will open up ring setting options and provide a clearer idea of the ring aesthetic.

  1. Do a Background Check on the Seller

Instead of only solely relying on their website reviews – Check out Amazon, Yelp, Google, and other authenticated reviews, as these are not editable and have more chances of being genuine. Checking customer reviews will always help you confirm that others have approved of the seller's quality.

  1. Review the shop policies 

Be sure to read the shop policies before purchasing, especially if it's a made-to-order ring. For example, do they offer free resizing? How much for shipping? Is shipping insured? Can you upgrade your ring later? Also, for custom rings, ensure you have thoroughly discussed and understood until what stage of design you can still make changes. Buying from a set collection? – Always find out if you can get a refund.